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Passion for greenery

We are specialized in the production of Mediterranean, perennial and seasonal plants, even in HALF-CROPS

Experience at your service

Ourmany years of experience, accompanied by the great passion with which we dedicate ourselves to our work, have allowed us to obtain great results and satisfactions.

Quality and competence

Years of work and experience in the nursery sector, handed down from father to son, have allowed our company to reach ahigh production standard, offering quality and competence.


Excellent growth

The mild and temperate climate of Puglia contributes, as a considerable aspect, to an excellent growth of the plant in the open air, favoring its natural branching.

Our history



The floriculture company was born in Terlizzi Tricarico Giuseppe.


Pioneer in the sector, Giuseppe Tricarico was the first to transform the cultivation of vegetable gardens into greenhouses suitable for floriculture.

The company was taken over by his son Francesco, who converted the flower crops into nurseries.



In 2010 the management of the company passed to his son Giuseppe who, to this day, carries on the business with great passion, allowing the company to stand out for the excellence of its products.


Our Blog

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