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We have been cultivating traditions in Puglia since 1951

The Tricarico Giuseppe horticultural company was founded in 1951 in Terlizzi, a city in the heart of Puglia. Pioneer in the sector, Giuseppe Tricarico was the first to transform the cultivation of vegetable gardens into greenhouses suitable for floriculture.

Our history

Later, in 1981, the company was taken over by his son Francesco, who converted the flower crops into nurseries. In 2010, the management of the company passed to his son Giuseppe who inherited from his father and grandfather the same passion for nursery gardening and who, still today, carries on the business with unchanged passion and competence, allowing Tricarico G to stand out for the excellence of its products.

To date, the company has acquired a prominent position on the Italian market, also establishing working relationships with various foreign countries, always available to establish new working relationships for future commercial exchanges.

Business Mission

Our company deals with the production and distribution of outdoor, seasonal and perennial ornamental plants: for 80% of the diameter of 14cm, in the remaining part of the diameter of 10-17-20 cm. The company's goal is to offer a varied choice of products that efficiently meet market demands. To do this, it makes use of a semi-automatic management system and specialized manpower. Tricarico G covers an area of 6 hectares, of which 5 are cultivated, distributed in glass-iron greenhouses, shaded areas and fields in the open air.

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