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Half-grown plants in Terlizzi

In recent years, Tricarico G. has specialized in the production of half-crop plants at the request of interested partner companies.

All our experience

The method of delivery of this type of article takes place in well-rooted clods, with a diameter of nine (9 cm), capable of integrating quickly into the pot that will host it. This process speeds up the transplanting operations, reducing costs and times for the disposal of small pots. By adopting this system, our staff operates in full compliance with the corporate code of ethics, which has always been inspired by the protection of the environment, in all activities of both internal and external relevance.


The plants are packaged in cartons of forty pieces each. The final shipment of 1440 plants per trolley therefore allows the reduction of:

  • Initial cost of the plant

  • Transportation incidence

  • Cost of production time

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